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  1 Jeffrey A. Cohen
Cohen Business Law Group,apc
Bar Membership: California
Link Internet Business Law, eCommerce, Copyright Infringement, Trademark Infringement, Merger and Acquisition, Licensing, Domain Name Recovery, Website Legal Documents, Entertainment Law, Internet Marketing, Employment Law, Web Hosting Law, Cyberpiracy, Contributory Copyright Infringement, Contributory Trademark Infringement, Complex Internet Litigation  
  2 David Snead
Law Offices Of David Snead
Bar Membership: New Mexico, District of Columbia
Licensing, Copyright, Trademark and Patent counseling and litigation, Export and Import Licensing, Telecommunications and Bandwidth, Partnerships and Joint Ventures, Dispute Resolution
  3 Ian Ballon
Greenberg, Traurig
Bar Membership: California
Link Intellectual Property Litigation, Entertainment Litigation, Technology, Media and Telecommunications Litigation      
  4 Bennet Kelly
Internet Law Center
Bar Membership: California and D.C.
Link Copyright, Trademark, Defamation, Spam, Domain Name Disputes, Cyber-Harassment  
  5 Clarke D. Walton
Walton Law Firm
Bar Membership: Nevada

Website Copyright Filings And Enforcement, Trademark Registrations, Online Copyright Infringement, Domain Name Disputes, DMCA Complaints, UDRP Complaints, ACPA Lawsuits, C&D Letters, Opinion Letters, CPC, SEO, PPC, Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Click Fraud, CTR, RSS, WhoIs, DNS, Archive.Org, Robots.Txt, Cloaking,...

  6 Harvey S. Jacobs
Jacobs & Associates
Bar Membership: Maryland, New York, District of Columbia,
Link Corporate Law, Venture Capital, Business Consulting, Intellectual Property, Internet Law, Securities Law  
  7 Karl S. Kronenberger
Kronenberger, Rosenfeld
Bar Membership: California, Georgia, Ohio
Link Domain Names, Internet Related Litigation, Copyrights and Trademarks, Content Licensing, Website Agreements, Defamation and Speech, Tech and Services Deals  
  8 Robert L. Allman
Allman & Mitzner
Bar Membership: Colorado
Link Complex Litigation: Antitrust, Deceptive Trade Practice, Consumer Protection, Construction Defects, Trade Secret Protection and Non-Compete Matters, Legal Planning for New, Emerging and Growth Businesses, Technology and Computer Law, Real Estate: Sales, Acquisition, Leasing, Employment Law: Hiring, Termination, Injuries, Disputes  
  9 Douglas M. Isenberg
The GigaLaw Firm
Bar Membership: Georgia
Link Intellectual property, technology and the Internet  
  10 Brett E. Lewis
Lewis & Hand
Bar Membership: New York
Link Internet Law, Trademarks and Copyright Law, Domain Name Consulting, Licensing and Agreements, Litigation



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